Analytics, Data Services,
and Technology

We harness the powers of organic marketing, paid marketing, visual ads, and social media to shoot your brand high above its competitors.

What We Do For Your Brand

Customer Intelligence

What is the health of your current data management? We take a business intelligence approach in analyzing your business’s data and information by using industry-recognized software such as Tableau, Power BI, and DOMO. Have all your data available in real-time in a highly visual and easy-to-understand way. 

How about your databases? We provide demographic and geographic data enrichment to help you understand your customers better so you can target the right markets. We will integrate and append your current databases, preserving their privacy as well as your own data identity. 

How happy are your customers? And how willing are they to recommend your product or service to their friends? This is measured as your Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key indicator of your business growth and success.

Being ignorant of customers’ perception of your business is never a great idea. But we can help. 

By helping you keep track of your NPS, we obtain a holistic, actionable view of your customer’s experience. This way, we can better determine what to improve on your customer service management to keep your customers more than satisfied. 

Remember, every happy customer is a loyal ambassador of your brand!

Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score

Marketing Automation

There is a vast world of places where your customers may go to find you. And it’s not always easy repeating the same tasks manually on each platform daily. Using a multi-channel approach, we automate your brand’s marketing to offer a better and more personalized user experience for your customers, being at the very places that they are.  

We do this by using industry-recognized software developed by Salesforce, SAS, IBM, Adobe, and Google. By applying these technologies, it becomes much easier to coordinate, manage, and measure your marketing campaigns and nurture leads.

Whatever product or service your business offers must be suited for your target customer for your business to see optimal revenue. Your business wants to make sure they are selling the right style to the right audience. And through our highly efficient customer modeling and scoring metrics, we help your business identify what product, service, or message is most appropriate for each prospect and how likely they would be to buy. Let us help your business streamline their marketing effort and maximize sales.

Modeling and Scoring

Machine Learning and AI

Want to work less for more? Why not make your business smarter? 

We incorporate machine learning into your business networks to capture your human-machine interaction patterns, enabling computers to run tasks on your brand’s behalf. This includes notifying your business when there’s inaccurate data, defective equipment, and even drawing conclusions about the likely consequences of each possible course of action. It thus streamlines your business’s decision-making process, and as you know, making the right decisions is fundamental to business growth. 

AI is a game-changer in the world today. Let us help your business become more competitive. 

We provide tangible measurement of your brand’s performance and how it is driving profits and return on marketing investment. We do this by using collected data and analytics so your brand understands what is being done right and what areas need improvement. Where are your customers engaging, and what messages are they ignoring? What we understand, we can make better. 


Whether you have a seasoned brand identity or you are the new kid on the block, we can help build your audience.